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  • Recruitment Policies

    A well-defined recruitment policy is necessary for any organization to respond to its Human Resource requirements. The purpose of this policy is to ensure: Hiring of the best talent available. Placement of the RIGHT person for the RIGHT role at the RIGHT time. Adherence to statutory requirements and best practices.Every applicant is treated equally with dignity and respect. Transparent and merit based selection by defining the competent authority.
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  • Separation Policies

    This policy provides guidelines to all employees who wish to get separate from the services of the organization, to ensure consistent and fair treatment to all our employees and for further smooth transition following separation policy applies to all employees of ISINOX Ltd.
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  • Fuel Reimbursement Policies

    Our employees incur significant expenses every year on account of travel due to location of our plants and offices at Khopoli / Mumbai. Car running expenses include diesel / petrol cost, driver’s salary, toll taxes, repairs, etc all of which total up to becoming one of the largest controllable expenses. Wise use of our resources is therefore critical to remain strategically ompetitive and maintain profitability. The purpose of this policy is to establish defined guidelines for travel. As employees, we must use our best judgment keeping in mind that while individual items may appear small, in the aggregate they have cumulative and significant impact on our company’s finances and yourself. It is up to every employee to help us contain our travel expenses.
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  • Sexual harassment policies

    We are totally committed to ensure that the there is no sexual harassmentat our workplace. A committee comprising of the HR Head and at least two women members is constituted. Any employee who feels discriminated / sexually harassed is advised to report the matter in writing to the committee. An enquiry shall be conducted by the committee within a week. If it is found, even to the extent of preponderance of probability, that the complaint is true, severe action shall be initiated against the erring employee. We have the intention to show our zero tolerance towards any sort of sexual harassment.
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  • Travel Policies

    Introduction of Travel Policy aims to cater the requirements of Employees travels for business purposes / official tours within India over & above 400 kms (Overnight stay). This policy is applicable for all employees working at Khopoli / Mumbai & any ther locations. Travel Policy as per grade of employees
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  • — Mr. Vinay Mishra
    (HR Head)

"You’re not just recruiting employees, but are sowing the seeds of your reputation."