Cultural Event

Education :


Education as Corporate Social Responsibility is a values-driven framework for school development in the taught curriculum, co-curricular activity and resource management. The framework is been set up for which, an attempt is been provided to the Students at Khopoli and under-privileged Students
1. Distribution of books & note books
2. Scholarship to brilliant students
3. Providing training to the youth

Plantation Of Tree :

Today the world is facing environmental problems. Global warming, ozone depletion and pollution are burning issues. Solution to these problems lies in planting more trees. In need of proper guidance and encouragement, we had taken an initiative in plantation and beautification of roads and nearby locations of Khopoli as a spirit to Change and preserve our Nature as well as our society.

Cultural Events :

Being a social responsibility of contributing and to blossom the cultural and festive importance, we help bring to life the vibrant and treasured heritage of performing and fine arts through music festivals, cultural festivals, and theatre awards. By providing a stage and funding the arts. As very recent, we help expanding Ganesh Chaturthi festival into a mass community event and a hidden means for political activism, intellectual discourse by contributing in the nearby areas of our Factory.